Seasonal Development Server

The main project is a server for Silkroad online – Kratos, this server is unique for its seasonal development system.
Opened: August 29, 2020
Already past seasons: 60 caps, 80 caps
Current season: 100 caps
Next season: 110 cap (this fall)

The seasonal development system is when the server cap changes without the loss of characters and resources by the players, thanks to this system, we gave the players the opportunity to try the game from all aspects, from low-level lost worlds that no one had seen before on Russian-speaking servers to various pvp tournaments that are each cap is radically different from each other due to the different level of character pumping

Thanks to the seasonal system on the server, it’s never too late to start playing
Since the degrees of items increase in each season – and the previous sets / weapons accordingly become irrelevant and competition with the old people of the project becomes possible